Sa Vidya Ya Vimuktaye (सा विद्या या विमुक्तये). That is real vidya or education which liberates. Everybody wants freedom, yet doesn’t attain that state of mind so easily. Our worldly life is encircled by uncounted problems. How to overcome them? Education shows us the way how to solve those problems, how to channel our innate potential which most of the time remains dormant. Education enhances the level of our consciousness. Upanishad says "Vidaya amrutwam asnute (विद्या अमृतं अश्नुते)". Basically, education is two-fold : para and apara. Apara vidya fulfils the needs of our worldly life but para vidya takes us to self-realization. A man, who has mastered both Para & Apara vidya, gets contentment in life. And it should be the real aim of our system of education. In today’s education system, man is preparing himself only to adopt a profession by which he can earth his bread & enjoy his life. Earning money by any means seems to be the motto of life. You can see corruption, Theft, crime, violence all around you. Why? Because man in man is dying. We are becoming living robots. I am enormously influenced by the saying "manur bhava (मनुर्भव)" ‘be a man’. But without real education, this becomes hollow, a hopeless dream. That’s why I do give utmost importance to education & for the inculcation of that spirit in the tender minds of the students, I have established "Viswatma Vidya Mandir".

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