VVM Avasik Gurukul

The blessings of the schools are too many to be described in words. So every student should have some experience of life in the school hostel before finishing his/her education and entering the world. Thus Viswatma Vidya Mandir has special residential facilities for students to develop their personality.

Hostel or residential from 6th class to 10th class are provided for students who enter in Viswatma vidya mandir.


The number of residential facilities is provided by Vidya Mandir to its students. Those are mentioned below -

  • Vaidik educational system.
  • Traditional as well as modern education in an open environment.
  • Sophisticated infrastructure
  • Spiritual environment
  • Separate tuition facilities by trained teacher of VVM
  • Pure vegetarian food very hygienically prepared by Annapurna dept. of Viswatma Chetana Parishad
  • Music class by eminent musician
  • Separate health facilities.
  • Yogasan, Paranayam and meditation classes.
  • Scholarship facilities for need based students.
  • Spiritual counseling by eminent monks.

Rules and regulations

Some rules and regulations are being implemented by Vidya Mandir to keep our hostel discipline. Those are given below –

  • Inmates must follow the hostel routine strictly.
  • They will their own material safely.
  • They will switch off the light before sleeping.
  • Students will not purchase outside junk foods.
  • In case of emergency they can talk with their parents by phone once in a 15 days.
  • They will reach in time at the time of evening and morning Prayer.
  • They will reach the canteen on time.
  • Inmates will not be allowed to keep mobile phone.
  • Unnecessary talking is strictly prohibited by Vidya Mandir during study hour.
  • Every student will present in the monthly health test.
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